Black Dirt Services | Sodding, Gardening, Planting

Black Dirt

O’Donnell Excavating and its contractors supply the black dirt and machines needed for lawn care or farm maintenance. Our team will measure, apply, and/or remove dirt to provide a healthy base for plant growth, giving your location curb appeal and character. We offer dirt and land maintenance services in Sugar Grove, Illinois, and other surrounding areas.

The terms black dirt and topsoil are often used interchangeably. “Topsoil” describes the nutrient-rich upper part of the soil structure. Typically, the darker the color, the more organic matter (decomposing plant and animal materials) in the soil. “Black dirt” is usually known as “pulverized black dirt,” which is best for any sodding, gardening, planting, or other applications that require a fluffy, nutrient-dense top coat of dirt.

O’Donnell Excavating only uses high-quality dirt and topsoil to ensure optimal crop growth. Contact a specialist at O’Donnell Excavating to learn more about black dirt, land maintenance, or farm maintenance. We offer dirt and construction services in Sugar Grove and other areas of Illinois.