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Land Grading

Land Grading

Land grading is a carefully planned process that ensures a base is leveled prior to construction. Grading is also utilized to engineer specified slopes to ensure the ground has solid erosion control. Grading helps prevent unnatural discharge and large amounts of stormwater runoff to prevent damage to neighboring properties. Landscape grading is used when constructing a foundation, a base course for a road or railway, landscape and garden improvements, or surface drainage.

Grading typically requires large, heavy tools to assist grading contractors in making a well-leveled surface. Contractors use a grading tractor that has a large shovel between the front and rear wheels. This shovel levels the dirt, shaving it to a specific measurement from the surface.

O’Donnell Excavating has the specialized training, equipment, contractors, and experience needed to successfully complete large and small grading projects. As an excavation company, we are well-versed in all aspects of land grading and will deliver the right quality for lasting results.

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