Construction, Hauling, & Excavation Services

excavation servicesAt O’Donnell Excavating and Trucking, we take pride in helping you complete your project efficiently and on time. With an extensive array of construction and hauling services, O’Donnell is always the best choice when it comes to your construction project. We offer affordable and trustworthy work such as land grading, trenching, field tile work, sewer repair & installation, septic system installation, snow plowing, asphalt & paving, hauling & trucking, black dirt, and gravel. O’Donnell Excavating offers excavating services in Sugar Grove and other surrounding areas in Illinois.

At O’Donnell, we have the trucks and equipment necessary to complete your project. Our excavation and construction contractors collaborate with clients to develop a solution that meets their needs. In addition, our staff keeps clients updated throughout the entire project to ensure optimal results. Contact a specialist to learn more about our excavation and trenching services in Sugar Grove, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

Our line of services include:


“Excavating” is in our name, and we take great pride in our services. Whether you’re constructing a building or digging a pool, most major projects begin with excavation. Our contractors are certified and trained in all aspects of proper excavation. To learn more about our excavation services, visit our excavation service page.


Any construction job has many moving parts, and we know what it takes to move those parts between different sections of your project. From moving freight to bringing tools to a job site, O’Donnell provides short and long-haul services as a licensed carrier and broker. Learn more about our hauling and trucking services on the services page.


At O’Donnell Excavating, we offer premium construction and gravel services throughout Illinois to help you complete your unique project. We have the necessary technology, equipment, and resources for both large and small gravel projects. To learn more about our gravel services, visit our gravel service page.


Land grading is a precise science that ensures that the base of any building project is properly leveled before construction. Grading helps prevent excessive stormwater runoff and other natural occurrences from causing damage and erosion. Land grading is an essential part of any construction job. Learn more about our land grading services on our land grading serve page.


O’Donnell Excavating offers reliable and efficient trenching services for both commercial and residential projects. Our comprehensive trenching services are safe and truly unique compared to other companies around Illinois. We specialize in installing metal supports and strong foundational elements. To learn more about our trenching services, visit our trenching service page.

Field Tile Work

Field tile drainage work often involves installing a tile drainage system. We specialize in this sort of field plumbing, and it can be used in agriculture to remove excess water from the soil. Our tile drainage services ensure that your crops receive the ideal amount of water, optimal for crop growth. To learn more about our field tile drainage services, visit our field drainage service page.

Sewer and Water

Excessive rain and storms can cause havoc on any sewer system, and this can add up to some serious sewer repairs. At O’Donnell, we offer solid sewer and water services for both residential and commercial issues. Our contractors provide repair and installation services to meet your needs. If you would like to learn more about our sewer and water services, visit our services page.

Septic System Installation

At O’Donnell Excavating, we offer dependable and cost-effective septic system installation services throughout Illinois. Our contractors will keep you updated every step of the way, and ensure that your septic tank system is installed correctly. To learn more about our septic system installation services, visit the septic system installation page.

Black Dirt

Another name for “black dirt” is “topsoil”. Topsoil is the nutrient-rich upper layer of earth that is essential to both law care and farm maintenance. We supply both the black dirt and the machines needed to help keep your soil fresh and healthy. Our team will also measure, apply the topsoil, and update your location curb appeal. Learn more about our black dirt services on our service page.

Snow Plowing

As winter sets in, it’s extremely imperative that roads and sidewalks stay clear in order to prevent any hazardous situations. In addition to optimizing road safety, snow plowing services also reduces the risk of construction site accidents. O’Donnell Excavating offers snow plowing and ice removal services across Illinois. Learn more about our snow plowing services on the snow plowing service page.


Laying asphalt is more complex than just simply mixing and pouring. Paving roads requires many things that need the expertise of a professional contractor. O’Donnell Excavating has the tools and the professional experience to properly pave any size job. That is why we offer asphalt and paving services throughout Illinois. To learn more about our asphalt and paving services, visit our services page.