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Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing

As bitterly cold temperatures move in, there’s very little time before ice coats our sidewalks and becomes a serious hazard. Removing ice and snow is an imperative safety measure in order to decrease the risk of serious slip-and-fall injuries to pedestrians. In addition to optimizing safety, it also reduces your risk of unneeded claims and accidents in the workplace or on your property. O’Donnell Excavating in Sugar Grove offers affordable snow plowing and removal services throughout Illinois.

In these time-sensitive cases, it’s best to have experts like O’Donnell Excavating on your side snow and ice removal needs. We have the necessary plowing equipment to fully eradicate snow and ice from crucial areas at a moment’s notice. From pushers to dump trucks, pickups, and sidewalk equipment, we have an extensive fleet complete with backup equipment to compensate for the unexpected. Our staff prepares snow plowing and removal plans in the pre-season to make sure we are ready to address your specific needs in the winter. O’Donnell Excavating provides customized snow cleaning services to meet your needs and preferences.

O’Donnell is not just an excavating service: we are your disaster prevention and recovery team. Our seasoned deep snow plowing professionals are on the job 24/7/365 to remove snow and ice from your property. We have the snow plowing equipment to meet your needs. Our goal is to make your location the safest it can be, no matter the weather conditions.

Our snow removal and plowing services include:

  • Anti-icing and ice removal
  • Snow hauling and melting
  • Sidewalk clearing

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